Shutting Off the Laptop in Nicholas Carr's Article, Does the Internet Make you Dumber?

Shutting Off the Laptop in Nicholas Carr's Article, Does the Internet Make you Dumber?

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Does the Internet Make you Dumber?

According to “Does the Internet make you Dumber?” Carr, N (Wall street Journal, 2010) the large quantities of information provided by the Internet make people indifferent and readers’ non-thinkers. First, the research shows that disadvantage of using the Internet in people’s life. For example, people who often read in the Internet website more than read from text books have less knowledge, and less creative. The main problem of using net is the division of attention. When we use the Internet we distracted by email or commercial because of that our brains can’t get attention for the information or article that we read. Most of the time, our brains save the experience that we had without distraction. According to the article, there are many studies and experiments to see what the bad effects of using the Internet or technology. For example, one experiment allowed half of class use laptops during class time and other had to keep laptops shut .In the test results students who had shut laptops did good on the test than other half. However, the distraction and interruption that students and people have for net make them less control for their attention. According to experiment result at Stanford university’s. In addition the author stated because of the technology and the Internet change our brains. The technologies on our life effect differently on our minds, for example some technology makes some part of our brains strong at the same time weakens other part. Nowadays, human brains are expanded by information from weds and links. One of the experiments was study monkey nerves the professor reorganized the nerves cells on the monkey hands. The monkeys create new mental maps for them and that...

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... or websites. For that, every relationships she had end so fast because she depends what net people say. Be independent person; rule your life in different and creative way. Don’t make net people or the net control your life. In monkey experience the author shows the connection between how change monkey nerves made them change mental map and this is happening with people brain because of the internet.
In conclusion, in these issues, distractions and lack of intelligence caused by net effect on people life. Scientists having fear what could happen for human brains since the technology is developing too fast. The technology made because of human intelligent so we should used it on good way not make it control our life and mind. The large amount of information provided by the net makes people indifferent. And Carr main idea is interesting and I agree with him.

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