Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

Shut Down Your Screen Week Essay

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As we all know, technology is important to society. Whether we use it to watch a movie, connect on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, play games, or read the news, it seems like everyone uses technology, but what exactly is the cost of using technology in our everyday lives? There have been many scientifically proven facts that reveal the dirty truths about technology. “Shut Down Your Screen Week”, a movement that would get rid of all technology in the classroom for a whole week, would be a good idea due to the proven facts that it can cause lower IQ levels, be a major distraction, and even cause attention levels to lower.

An IQ is a measurement of a single person’s intelligence and memory. It has been proven that technology that is used today could possibly cause lowered IQ levels. With all of the distractions of the Internet, including games and social media, this isn’t hard to believe. The average IQ of a single person is about 90-110. This means average intelligence. People who use the internet on a regular basis could have a lowered IQ of abo...

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