Shouls Steroids be Legal? Personal Opinion Essay

Shouls Steroids be Legal? Personal Opinion Essay

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Let’s even out the playing field. . If you thought Bill Romanowski was the only player in the game to use steroids, then chances are you’ve never played against Liberty Hill. Steroids are the source of size and mass. I am a firm believer that Coach Craig Slaughter’s summer program can make you bigger, faster, and stronger. But imagine if instead of one summer, you had a whole year! Well, one summer with steroids and can easily make that theoretical one whole year happen.
Most people have an immaculate misconception about steroids, mostly because of the media. What they read on the internet or see on the news can influence their opinion. But what they don’t know is that the very people bashing steroids are the very same people using them. Almost every male athlete has at least one time in their life thought about how big they would be with steroids. If they’re serious about it, then the smart thing to do would be to look up what steroids are good for what they want to see enhancement in. They will then see someone commenting on how it’s bad for you and how it could negatively affect their well-being. Not knowing that a power lifter is on the other side of the screen using the same steroid he’s saying is “bad”. It’s for competition purposes, a smart steroid user knows to look up what supplement they are about to try. But, think if one user is already using that supplement and its working miracles on his/ her body then why give others the idea to buy the supplement?
There is a downside to using steroids as well. Steroids create a high source of testosterone for males, which is good for growing muscle mass, but can make you grow too fast. Men average 4 to 7 milligrams of testosterone a day, but with steroids, men can easily quad...

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...r brothers. Have the winning advantage, do whatever it takes to win your game. Most teams already roid up even though they know it’s illegal. So even out the playing field, it’s not fair having to play Liberty Hill when half their team roids up and Llano doesn’t.

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