Shouldice Hospital : A Highly Specialized Technique For Hernia Operations

Shouldice Hospital : A Highly Specialized Technique For Hernia Operations

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Shouldice Case
Shouldice Hospital has developed a highly specialized technique for hernia operations. This hospital has a competitive advantage to other organizations providing hernia operations because they us a superior method to repair the hernia, are able to maintain relatively low costs, and have high patient satisfaction. Their strategy is if focused mainly on the psychological affect operations can have on a patient. If a patient is fully sedated during the operation, and afterwards told to stay in bed their healing progresses much slower. The goal of Shouldice hospital is to have patients immediately active post operation. They tell the patient that they are able to get up and walk around, therefore the patient doesn’t feel “put down” or that they are bedridden due to the procedure. Psychologically the patient feels that he/she can experience life as normal, with few limitations, where as in other hospitals the patients do not progress as quickly because they are told that they cannot. At Shouldice, the patients are treated as people, not as patients who need to be taken care of. This strategy is carefully implemented and maintained by Human Resources decisions and through the design of the facility.

HR Decisions that support the core strategy:
1. Employees are never fired from Shouldice Hospital. This means there is low employee turnover and the hospital does not have to use valuable resources to consistently loo for talent and fill positions. If an employee is not performing adequately mangers take corrective measures, be that by trying to help them through outside support groups or with continuous learning and perfecting the surgical techniques. For example, if a patient returns to Shouldice for a reoccurring hern...

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...e hospital to feel like a hospital. The facility is full of common spaces for patients to socialize and be active. . These are important pieces to achieving the strategy because if patients are comfortable in their environment, they are more likely to be social, and therefore more like to be active and progressive towards healing.
4. The facility is also fully carpeted, which is an important detail because the carpet makes the hospital smell more pleasing, unlike cleaners as a typical hospital does. It also provides a safety element, in the case of postoperative falls it is easier on impact. Once again, making the patients more comfortable and feel at ease.
5. If a child comes to Shouldice, parents are allowed to stay at the facility free of charge. This allows the hospital to cut costs, because if the parents are there, the nurses are needed even less than usual.

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