Essay on Should You Leave Corporate America?

Essay on Should You Leave Corporate America?

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Should you leave corporate America?-you have an awesome image for this
10 Questions To Ask Yourself before drafting that nice-nasty break-up letter

WARNING: You will get emotional reading this article! Get out a piece of paper ladies and gentleman because this article will make you answer the questions that will provide some clarity in the emotional fog that clouds us all when making this decision! Be honest with yourself when you are answering these questions, as I forced myself to answer them all before I finally decided to make that jump and leave corporate myself. Remember, this is your decision to make, I am just providing some touch point for you to consider before you quit in a rage filled blaze of glory.
-Are you thinking about or picturing bodily harm to your co-worker(s) and/or supervisor(s)?
I know you need the money, call every temp agency within 10 miles of where you are working and go visit them on your lunch breaks. They are super motivated to place you when you are currently in a position. Get out now, it’s totally NOT worth the “countdown-to-snap” work week. You will get through this!

-Are you working multiple positions and only being paid for 1?
We all know the new “fad” with corporate America is to roll at least 2 positions under one title for cost saving purposes. You also know the only position they are going to verify in a reference check is the one they hired you for. This is why it’s important to have a reference from your supervisor, and a co-worker. Prepare yourself for battle and you will be great!

-Have you been angry (not to be confused with hangry) all day, every day? Stressed to the max? Gained at least 50lbs since you been there (binge eating away the pain)? Tired as heck all the tim...

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...e your list and review it a bunch of times before you take this leap. There are many that have been where you are right now, me included. I had to sit down with this list and personally commit to each one of these things myself, before I left my job. I wrote, reviewed, and pondered this decision for a year before I acted on it.

I know this article was brutal, but I wanted to force you to think and be truthful with yourself about what is going on in your career that has you perched on this fence in the first place. This list is the first step, to get you in the right mindset to begin planning for your new business adventure. There is so much more to do outside of what this article covers if you choose to leave corporate. I wish you the best no matter what you choose, but being honest with yourself now will help you make the best decision for your situation.

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