Essay on Should You Be Educated?

Essay on Should You Be Educated?

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To be educated requires more than just going to school and living day to day life. It requires more than just that, it takes real effort by the individual. While one can go and learn at school without really trying, they will not really have gained true knowledge. No matter if you’re in school or not, both methods can lead to near equal education with different paths, means, and outcome. If one is to be regarded as educated, they need to be enlightened in numerous facets, most of which will require real effort and focus. Being educated is a choice, it can be offered to you, but in the end it’s up to the individual to take that gift of knowledge and make something out of it and apply it their own life. There is no one stop shop for becoming educated, that is up to the individual to understand and comprehend their own education and its objective. A formal education isn’t fit for everyone, and many people realize that, but for them that typically doesn’t mean that they don’t want to be educated, it just means they want to do it differently and their own way. Having knowledge and being educated are two different things, both intertwine with each other, but they are both obtained by numerous different methods. Being educated means you have reached a desirable level of knowledge and can now make use of that knowledge on a spectrum or forum and begin to modify and develop the lives and society around you in a positive and influential way.
Being educated to many just means to go to school and earn a degree of some sort whether that be from high school or college. Even though they attend higher education at a university does that make them educated, is it a guarantee that comes along with a piece of paper after four years? Some would arg...

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... that wish to help themselves, and help others will take the longer path in life and choose to become educated, and by this they will undoubtedly benefit not only themselves but the society as a whole. To be educated is to have a broader understanding of life and its surroundings, not just to have knowledge, but to put it to the test and use it in daily life. Whether education is obtained through a university or through life and its own trials, an education is an education and both are different from the other, yet similar in the end. With a formal education or without, becoming educated is an option, it has to be chosen, it can also not be chosen and the individual may never truly become educated. Most people have the opportunity to become educated, they just fail to realize that it is an option for them and therefor go on with life astray from what could be there.

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