Should We Use Water? Essay

Should We Use Water? Essay

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The United States has a problem with the way we choose to use our water. We are taking many long unnecessary showers, flushing the toilet too often and letting the water run when you brush your teeth. The problem becomes apparent when it 's the summer and when drought occurs. We used water to do most of the household chores including but not limited to cleaning the patio, running a dishwasher, and watering plants. Potable water, which isn’t plentiful, is being used at a higher rate than what we have. In America, “Americans uses 5 billion dollars worth of water whenever they flush their toilet” according to Good Magazine. The way we use water is an insult to the rest of the world who are not as fortunate as us. Western states, like California, in desperate times have water companies set a limit on the water they will allow and will not provide more unless the customer agrees to pay 4 times the original price. Infurious customers can blame themselves, so in order to conserve the water we have we need a solution. Water usage affects everyone as drinking poor water results in more ill people, less water will shorten food supply, and economic prosperity is in danger. The solution to our water scarcity problem is to change how humans currently live to increase our ability to adapt, work ethic and improve health.

The easiest way to conserve water is to not use water. However, this is impossible so the next best thing is to limit water use and use water more efficiently. Humans do not need to shower or bathe every day because it drys out skin and washes good bacteria. Infection are at a higher risk since cracks occur due to water. Once we start to shower less frequently we will adjust to it and will find the urge to shower to be non...

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...e in the morning as long as they don’t use an absurd amount of water. Citizens in states with natural bodies of water can go for a swim to refresh themselves in the summer. In the winter most people don’t sweat but if they do they can make snow angels in the snow. The 2nd part of the solution is to instilled chores by hand. A law that requires car washing in the summer will kill 2 birds with one stones by watering the lawn and can be more efficient than commercial car wash. The same can be applied to doing laundry and cleaning the patio without water. The third part of the revolution of will be eliminating soda and sugary drinks. The government will be in charge of making sure soda and drinks can’t be sold unless it is as a prescription. Once the proposal has been given time to get use to, people health, lifestyle and work ethic will be desirable to how it should be.

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