Should We Use Transportation? Essay

Should We Use Transportation? Essay

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That moment every teenager waits several months even years for comes that one day, and you get the butterfly sensation in your stomach, has finally arrived. All of the preparation they have done and completed will finally be recognized. You don 't realize how driving could really impact your life the way it does, it doesn 't seem like you really ever need it as much as people think. People use transportation every day whether it be: the bus, bike, or a car; living in the city makes driving become necessity. Learning to drive isn 't just to get yourself to school and maybe to McDonalds and back home, most jobs nowadays require a driver 's license: journalism, truck driving(think about it, if we didn 't have these people we wouldn 't be able to shop at our local walmart), and our own entertainment-sports broadcasting. Getting that piece of plastic helps you for the rest of your life, and begins to change to into a whole new responsible and reliable person.
Some people learn in different ways, but in my opinion remembering something for a test or an upcoming event is easier if you read it over and over again and typing or writing word for word what you have read, this helps the words go straight from your hand into your brain and it helps you remember them better. I studied for months on end reading that booklet front to back day after day. Then the day finally came that I could take my test, I didn 't pass by one single question. Most would have given up, but it didn’t stop me, I studied harder than before, I took online practice tests and my mom quizzed me; I went back the next day nervous as the first, and finally passed, even though I wasn’t dressed up and looking cute like I was the first time, it was okay because I finally had...

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... to the store or go on late night sonic runs. But the biggest privilege was going to be taking my nieces to the splash pad, or the movies and lunch, it was such an honor when my sister gave me the keys to her suburban, and let me drive the kids around. But the moment I knew that my parents really trusted me with driving, was when I still was in summer school and my family went camping, the day of my final I got to drive from Safford, all the way into New Mexico and up to Big Lake. It was such an eye opening experience, I wish I could do it all the time.
Learning to drive made my life so much easier, than I had ever thought. I was trusted to do things, and that made me feel better about myself. I never realized how much driving people actually do in their lives, probably in the near future I will get tired of driving, but for now I am enjoying every moment that I can.

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