Essay on Should We Treat Minors With Leniency?

Essay on Should We Treat Minors With Leniency?

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When discussing juvenile offenders, there seems to be a distinct divide between how they should be treated in a court of law. Some believe such young citizens should be treated with leniency in court, while others could not agree less. So this raises the question, “Should we treat minors with more leniency than their adult counterparts because of their young, developing minds?” I believe that treating minors with leniency is doing them an insufferable injustice and it is vital that we treat them in equivalence to adults to instill the lesson that no one wrongful actions are inexcusable because of their age.
First and foremost, juveniles are commonly thought of as underdeveloped and naive children who are not always aware of the repercussions of their actions. Often times adults assume this mentality and believe that they should be treated with more of an open mind because of this. In fact, many argue that “the juvenile justice system was established in recognition of the fact that children and adolescents are quite different than adults” (Coalition). With this in mind, one may claim adolescents are incompetent and feel as if they are incapable of dealing with the repercussions they may face in adult prisons.Or perhaps they have sympathetic hearts when dealing with children, due to the fact that adolescence is typically associated with innocence,
However, what they fail to realize is that when minors are tried as such they are being “protected by a lenient and highly outdated juvenile justice system” (Estudiollo). As you can see, the
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juvenile justice system is an extremely toxic one, because kids can take advantage of their situation and easily manipulate the outcome in their favor. Some youths are even known to commit cri...

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...ishment” (Coalition). As a society we must adopt the “tough love” approach to these juveniles if we ever want to make any progress. We cannot allow our sympathy to stand in the way of teaching these kids a valuable learning experience.
In short, treating minors in equivalence to adults in vital so that we do not serve them an insufferable injustice. Just because juveniles are young does not necessarily mean that they are naive and rehabilitation centers are always the most effective, especially when they are forced upon young adults More importantly, we need to remember that it is society’s duty to steer young juveniles in the right direction when given the opportunity. When dealing with juvenile offenders, we are forced to make a tough decision, but we have to remember that we cannot let our sympathetic nature get in the way of a vital lesson these teens must learn.

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