Should We Stay Healthy? Essay

Should We Stay Healthy? Essay

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Imagine, you get laid off from your job because of state cuts; your employer couldn’t afford to stay in business anymore. The medicine you need to stay healthy is no longer available to you because it is too expensive to pay for. You walk to the nearest State Health Department to get help paying your electric bill, but they are not able to give you any assistance because the state has raised income guidelines due to budget restraints. Afterward, when you go to the food pantry to get grocery help there is a sign on the door that says, “Closed until further notice due to lack of funding.” How would you feel if you could not afford to give your family a good meal everyday because the state of Illinois is in debt and cannot fund programs that help people when they need it. This scenario, and others like it, are played out everyday, many times over in Illinois and every other state in America. The effects of our government’s wreckless spending and the decision to make financial cutbacks are touching every state in our union, every community in every state and every person in each community. But, do these spending cuts affect communities small and large the same or is one touched more than the other?

Before finding an answer to this question, we must first discuss types nonprofits and what they do. By definition, a non profit organization is a social service organization that has a goal to assist their local community through donations and volunteer work and have no monetary value to gain from their endeavors. But non-profit organizations are much more than the definition and they have the ability to touch Americans in a way that no other can. Non-profits have the sole purpose of serving the public only for the benefit of the public,...

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...the budget and will decide they are going to drop out.” As of August 2015 the state was behind nearly 2 billion dollars owed to state universities. School officials from SIU and U of I are still waiting on payments from the government but until then they are doing what they can to limit the impact on students as much as they can. Many institutions may also be letting go of extracurricular activities and are also laying off their employees whose paycheck

was funded by grants that were cut. SIU is currently contemplating on closing school museums and will only be hiring graduate assistants.

Colleges, nonprofits organizations and other social services may be closed down completely in the future. This would be in response to the budget crisis. This budget crisis is happening because America is on a dangerous budget path that is causing our economic growth to decline.

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