Should We Spend Money Into The Game? Essay

Should We Spend Money Into The Game? Essay

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Hearthstone is designed so that if you spend enough time you will never have to put any money into the game. After playing Magic the Gathering for the past several years, this is one of the most appealing things about Hearthstone. Many agree with this, but complain that if you want to play ranked and participate in tournaments you have to spend money on packs to get all the cards or spend countless hours grinding arena and getting dust. I 'm not disagreeing with this argument against the "free to play" approach, but I would like to discuss some of the benefits that are often overlooked. Clearly the obvious benefit is that you get to save money, I have no idea how much money, but I am sure it is a significant amount. The not so obvious benefit is that by grinding out arenas, you develop basic skills, skills that aren 't learned when you by some packs, build a deck and start playing ranked.
The first benefit of arena is that you get to learn all the cards. Learning all the cards is important because it allows you to attempt to make the best play all of the time. Knowing what your opponent could react with on their turn, allows you to make the decisions of " whether to go face or to trade", "play more to the board or play around a sweeper", "play this removal or save it for something else". Correctly answering these questions is often the difference between losing and winning a game. By just buying packs and playing ranked, you lose out on the opportunity to play with and against all of the cards in arena. Often times the best way to figure out what to do is remember when the match up was reversed(ex: druid vs. priest, remembering when you played priest against druid) and remember what you wished your opponent would and would not pla...

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...tructuring your deck, being aggro, midrange, or control; just look what Goblins vs Gnomes did. Being a good deck builder allows you to take a tournament by surprise or counter common decks in the meta. This doesn 't happen too often today but in a couple months with more expansions bringing more cards, I anticipate this to be a huge deal, allowing the best deck builder to triumph.
Many people say "free to play" and "pay to win", I think of it more as "free to play and develop skills" and "pay to possibly save time". I think people are underestimate the benefit of grinding out arenas and familiarizing oneself with the game. Spending money may not even be a good thing, its like spending money to skip school and just go directly into a job. If you wouldn 't do that then you should reconsider the idea of spending money to skip playing arena and going directly into ranked.

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