Should We Live Off Campus? Essay

Should We Live Off Campus? Essay

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As a student of East Texas Baptist University living in centennial residence hall is difficult. I having to ask people to use their kitchen just to make a simple thing like waffles. I even want at least peace and quiet without my roommates being loud with visitors. Living in centennial or any of the other dorms is not the same as being able to live on your own where you have time to yourself. After my freshman year I was trying to live off campus because these dorms are really expensive. At East Texas Baptist University you have to be 21 to live off campus unless living with a parent. I believe that since you are able to do other things at the age of 18 you should be able to live off campus on your own.

In the eyes of the law an adult is legal at the age of 18.At 18 you can join the military, get married, live on your own, Vote in local elections, serve a jury, and get a piercing without permission. If the law lets us do all these things we should be able to live off campus. If college is supposed to help students to become better adults why not let students be able to live up to ...

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