Should We Eat Meat? Essay

Should We Eat Meat? Essay

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Eating Meat, It Doesn’t Have To Be Black And White.
Every person has the ability to make their own choice of whether to eat meat or not. However, eating meat is directly tied to negative health effects, pollution leading to a depletion of ozone, and the depletion of hundreds of thousands of acres of land “wasted” on animal production when they could be used to solve the hunger crisis or lower emission levels. What humans eat is no longer a matter of choice; it has become a matter of life and death. Literally, the future of the whole planet rests on the decision of whether or not to eat meat. If humans chose to eat less meat the world that wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences (outlined above.) Vegetarianism is one possibility, as is Veganism; however the world would be better off if humans simply start to make the conscious choice to eat less meat.
Many supporters of eating meat believe that vegetarianism is simply a fad; however, history shows that prehistoric diets were plant-based (Leitzmann). For example, Hinduism and Buddhism (both thousands of years old) recommend a vegetarian diet (Leitzmann). In fact, elements of vegetarian nutrition have been traced all the way back of the sixth century BC (Leitzmann). If the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle were followed as early as the sixth century BC, it is hard to imagine the logic behind today’s meat-eaters’ arguments that eating meat is part of evolution and goes back as far as the history of man itself.
Meat-eaters justify that animals were created to be eaten and that as early as the cavemen, meat was a part of the average diet. However, in Jamie Oliver’s video he shows us that plants were the common source of food eaten in prehistoric times, and it wasn’t until the harsh w...

... middle of paper ... a whole. All humans share this planet and each have a responsibility to do what they can to ensure that the planet is still around for as long as possible. If humans continue to produce such a large scale of meat, greenhouse gases and other negative effects are going to speed up the planet’s demise. There are numerous health and personal reasons that go into deciding whether someone is going to eat meat or not, but in the end each person is able to make their own choice of whether to eat meat or not. However, if the world’s population made the conscious effort to eat less red meat, it could slow down the negative side effects associated with mass production of animal protein. In addition to the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, the planet will not be exposed to the harsh byproducts created in the process of creating enough food to feed the ever-growing population.

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