Essay about Should Very Young Students Be Exposed to the Internet?

Essay about Should Very Young Students Be Exposed to the Internet?

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Under the topic questioning should very young students be exposed to the internet we must first distinguish exactly who we are speaking of. So for the sake of right now when we say very young students let’s say yes but with adult supervision and or locks present. Not saying that we don’t trust our students, no not that at all. There are many different things that the internet has to offer that I feel as an educator some young students are not ready to receive just yet. As we know the 21st Century is a century filled with new and more advanced technologies that are being brought into our homes and classrooms. Which for some can be a good thing and for others it could be not so good.
In this day and time limiting a child from utilizing the internet at a younger age could slow the child learning process down when it comes to technology. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep track of what their child is doing on the internet while they are in their care. The internet is being used as early as kindergarten so children should get some exposer but it should be limited.
In elementary schools, there are a number of computers in the classroom and throughout the school. There are lots of educational activates online that involve learning so we can’t keep the internet from them completely. A variety of things can be learned, invented, and improved through the internet and who are we to say that the young children can not be the ones to figure and invent some things at their age? So once again the younger students should have access to the internet but with parent supervision and or locks placed on websites that aren’t age appropriate. It is very important that children don’t spend excessive amount of time on the internet, it will cause...

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... run. Hindering a child from using the internet can put them at a slower pace than a child that has been introduce to the internet at an early age. The internet can also provide negative things but the benefits are more beneficial than the negative things. Through our research we see that we can hold the internet back and say it was all bad for a number of reasons. So the good outweighs the bad in this situation.

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