Should United States Culture Aim Toward Ensuring Essay

Should United States Culture Aim Toward Ensuring Essay

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Should United States culture aim toward ensuring that everyone goes to college? Yes, United States should encourage everyone to go to college because it helps people get out of poverty and people explore in a career that could shape their lives. Some of the people want to have a good job in life and have a good salary to change their future. Additionally, college can help you become more independent and successful in life. Unless the country is willing to more fully fund higher education for all, ensuring that everyone goes to college is a dream.
Although I grant that college prepared people for life, I still maintain that it important in life. College will teach young adult about time management and show them how to take note very well to help them prepared for a test. According to Freeman Hrabowski, “college prepare people for jobs, but more critically, they prepare for life.” In other words, Hrabowski believe that in college they talk about job training and they will show you how you do that in college and people don’t need to worry to find a really job to help me out, but college will teach them everything they know about their experience.
A good salary will support your future wife and kids because first it will help them to pay the people quicker. When they paid off their first house they will get a second house and let the first house to be a rent house so they can put the rent money down to the second house. When looking for a perfect job, it take time and effort to create your perfect resume to give it to your first company that give you an interview. On the college job training they will provide useful tips how to become successful on the jobs and they will give you an advice plus good tips how to score an interview ...

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...m get out of debt and it will gained their wishes to become rich in the future.
The students are willing to go to college: if the government need to fund people if people sign up for financial aid and they need to be qualified because of their parent income. Usually it depend on how many credit is willing people take in college classes, the fafsa always give people 4 through 8 thousand dollar on fafsa per semester. If people put in their time and effort they won’t have to paid it back to the government, if people slack off they will paid it back every penny they has.
In conclusion, no matter what people want to do in life, we encourage everybody go to college to has a better future and family support, without a higher education people won’t survived in the economic today because they will become homeless with only high school diploma not college degree.

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