Should Twitter and Facebook be Banned in China?

Should Twitter and Facebook be Banned in China?

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Twitter and Facebook are banned in China, because these social tools are deemed sensitive by China government. To be honest, Chinese people do not want Twitter and Facebook are banned in China, because, they want to know the world, furthermore, these social tools can bring other countries people truly know about China.
Firstly, there are only four countries in the world cannot use Facebook: Cuba, Iran, North Korea and China. China has the largest population and the third large acreage country in the world, so why does China ban these social tools? Is China having a problem with these social tools? With much speculation, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. At the beginning, in China people could log into Facebook before 2008, but after 2008, something happened, let’s look back at what happened in 2008.
“A-28- year old construction engineer, Maher heads the April 6 youth movement, which began as a Facebook group in spring 2008 to support a workers’ strike in a northern industrial town in Egypt. This youth opposition coalition was the main organizing force behind last week’s demonstration. Their demands included the departure of the interior minister, an end to the restrictive emergency law, and a rise in the minimum wage. The member, who include many young well-educated Egyptians, have shown a greater willingness than others to risk arrest and start public protests. The group uses popular social websites to alert its networks about police activity and organize demonstration.”(Branch of the China Daily)
Since the 2008 incident Facebook, Twitter and other websites are banned by China government so far. So, Facebook, Twitter and several websites lead to another problem, this problem should be political issues. The reason behind the political issue is because China and America have a totally different political systems and institutions. China is a socialist country, after the end of the Second World War, the communist party established the new China, China is the third largest country in the world, so China has a lot of different political systems and institutions before the Second World War.
Today in the 21st century, China communist party orders to reinforce the communist system, China communist party starts with the internet, education and entertainment to control citizen. Because so far in China has a lot of separatists want to separate China, for example: Tibetan separatists, Taiwan separatists and Xinjiang separatists, they are still trying to agitate China citizens to help them to separate China.

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"They have always been able to control newspapers, radios, and TV stations, but there have been some holes in the Internet, and the microblogging was the last hole.” (China's policing of the internet grows) They use the internet as main propagation medium, so China government established a law that can protect people and keep away negative information from abroad. That is an important guarantee for the country's lasting political stability.
America is the capitalism country, and has more freedom of speech compared to China. America allows for freedom of religion, so separatists use some holes to establish anti- China organization in America. These anti-China organizations have their own newspapers, radios, and TV stations. They publish a lot of essays to against China government. In America there are fourteen million foreign citizens of Chinese origin and anti-China organizations want to use these sources to gain more power. “China will not recognize the United States' appointment of a special coordinator for Tibetan issues.” (China: Beijing Rejects U.S. Move to Foster Tibet Talks) The leader Dalai Lama of anti-China organization wants to meet with President Obama, because President Obama is a good source to let them get more powerful, if President Obama help them, anti- China organization would get military power and political power which means America admits Tibet is a country. This potential problem would lead to the third world war, it is not good for every countries, so far China Rejects U.S. Move to Foster Tibet Talks. “The Chinese Foreign Ministry asserted Monday, saying that it opposed any foreign intervention in its internal affairs. President Obama held low-key talks with the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, on Friday, prompting condemnation from the Chinese government. '' (China: Beijing Rejects U.S. Move to Foster Tibet Talks)
In modern society, however, most of Chinese people are strong hopes that Facebook, Twitter and several websites are not be banned in China, there have two reasons, the first reason is because most of Chinese people have strong desire to have more chance to communicate with foreigners and make a lot of foreigner friends, because they want to know foreign thought about China, China more and more important in the world which means too many foreigners want to know about China same as most of Chinese people, so that they need some social tools to make a ‘bridge’. So far many people want to China government does not ban Facebook, Twitter and several websites. The second reason is these social tools language are English, it is good way to practice English for Chinese people, for example: chatting with foreigners and playing websites game with foreigners.
Facebook is not simply as entertainment, it has too many benefits, for example: it can bring more oversea job opportunities and business opportunities. If a company products needs more popularity which means more people know your products and it leads more make money opportunities. In the world, more and more companies layoff employers, these unemployed people have family, they do not have enough money to supply school, insurance and food, so how to alleviate the loss of jobs? “The longer term unemployed are also more likely than those unemployed less than six months to report having at some point been told by a doctor or nurse that they suffer from depression.” (Worry, Sadness, Stress Increase With Length of Unemployment; Majority of unemployed are 'struggling') If Facebook officially into China, the unemployed people will get more job opportunities from China which means more job opportunities will improve family happiness. The unemployment will bring serious social problems, even influence the stability of the society. So it is good for both sides.
As a popular saying goes, every coin has two sides, several traditional Chinese people want Facebook, Twitter and several websites are being banned in China, the reason behind the traditional notions is because western countries more high degree of openness and freedom compare to China that as mention above. More and more sex, violence and spam corrode internet. “Children and adolescents either are too fragile to handle vulgarity, sex, and controversy or lack the intellectual freedom rights that the First Amendment grants adults.”(Children Should Not Always Be Protected from Online Pornography) Criminal behavior comes from individual differences in personality, therefore, several traditional people do not want to themselves children too early to contact with sex, violence and spam, because children and adolescents lack of self-control.
Furthermore, everything is not absolutely wrong, if people teach themselves children how to treat sex, violence and spam fairly, it will lead children physically and psychological healthy. It is better avoid this problem, no matter what, Sooner or later, children have to deal seriously with this problem. “There is no shame in getting turned on so long as we teach respect. Clearly, porn does the opposite but we are so embarrassed we can't even mention the subject, so porn rules by default. For your child's sake, please do not edit sex from family life; just explain it.” (Don't edit out sex, explain it) Otherwise, how to treat violence and spam same as how to treat sex, because problem is used to be solved, rather than avoid problem.
To sum up, Facebook, Twitter and several websites these social tools are good tools, it can make the world connect more tightly and some news, reports show up on TV, but maybe these reports are not totally true, so Facebook is a good tools let people know the truth, because people can argue about reports, if some people truly know the reports, they can post the truth on Facebook, so people will not be played by rumor.

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