Should There Be Legal Curfew For Minors? Essay

Should There Be Legal Curfew For Minors? Essay

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Throughout the United States a question regarding teenagers is “Should there be a legal curfew for minors”. Some parents agree that there should be, while others think otherwise. The whole issue behind teen curfew came about when 80 percent of juvenile crimes began happening between 9a.m – 10p.m. Nothing seemed to reduce the crimes so the only solutions the law enforcement officials could come up with was a curfew. Little did they know it would cause more problems than the actual issue itself.
The mayor and police say that curfew for teens reduces juvenile crime and prevents young children from becoming crime victims. During the weekdays teens have a curfew of 11:00p.m and 12:00am on weekends. Having a curfew for teens is supposed to reduce problems between them and the parent. For example, the parent will know what time to be expecting their child to come home instead of assuming where they are and what they are doing. Not only that, but it also teaches the teen responsibilities. Or so articles have said.
The reasoning behind the parents who think that it is not right for teens to have a curfew is because they feel as though the police officers are putting all teens into one category not knowing anything about them. The parents think that having kids out past a certain time does not necessarily mean they are up to no good. They also think that curfews for teens do not work. He feels that even if you force the curfew in one part of town, the crimes will still be going on in another part of town. There is proof that in Philadelphia even though after being strict about the curfew it does not last for long in all areas. So not only are some of the parents upset about the curfews, but also because they feel as though their child is...

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... about the situations. If it were not for the curfew then there would be more than the average amount of crimes happening by teens. The curfew law keeps the teens out of trouble and safe if they’re at home. The laws were set up to discourage teenagers from committing acts of delinquency. It was initially designed to help teenagers learn responsibility through an established curfew. Having the curfew law is definitely better than jeopardizing your teenage years for something unnecessary.
Although teenagers might not see the good in having a curfew they will eventually see what others see. The curfew keeps them out of trouble and teaches them responsibility. Great things came out of the curfew. For example, reducing the crime for many years. The states accomplished one of their biggest goals. Yet there still is a lot to improve, it definitely isn’t how it used to be.

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