Should The Voting Booth Be The Next Generation? Essay examples

Should The Voting Booth Be The Next Generation? Essay examples

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We as the next generation are the future, but there will be no future valuable to us if we don’t take the steps necessary to mold the government into the shape that best fits our needs. In fact, if we, meaning the age range between 18-29 years old, stay at the rate we are now of not voting there will be no say in our generation. Approximately 21 million citizens under the age of 30 did not vote in 2008 (Project Vote, 2015). Just by voting the same rate as those aged 30 and over, 7 million more people would have cast ballots in the election (Project Vote, 2015). Young Americans like myself, are what hold the future of this country and we need to take control of it! That may be a hard thing to believe and is too big to put into our perspective, but by taking a simple step of going to the voting booth, we can influence change for the future, express personal opinions, and take advantage of our democratic rights because our vote matters!
Looking back and seeing how many young adults were in the voting booths during the mid-election in 2014 was embarrassing, the vast majority was 50 and over. How much bigger would the picture be if only our age group would cast their ballot? Our generation spends countless amount of time complaining about what the government and the president is doing wrong, but the majority of America’s youth (age 18-29) don’t stand up and do anything to change that. Many come to a conclusion that one vote is not going to do anything and coming from a teenager’s perspective, it is realistic to believe that, but we can bring much more! Instead of being a bunch of lazy voters that don’t realize that if we don’t stand up now and make some decisions for ourselves, we are eventually going to have to live with the consequ...

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...e decision for us. There comes a time like now to make a stand and get active in our democratic rights because we can influence change for what matters to us whether it is a personal opinion or another issue. But looking further down the road we can make the generation that is rising beneath us to have a government that best fits their needs and are taken care of and get titled as a role model. By being informed with politics and the political leaders running for 2016 we can start now and make the change we want even if it’s just with the simplest task of “googling,” answers and listening to commercials. We are the savvy generation, so why not use all our knowledge and skills to the best of our ability to take control of what we want this country to be in the next day, year, decade, fifty years, and so forth. It’s time to make a commitment and vote because we matter!

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