Essay on Should The Voter Identification Law be in Place?

Essay on Should The Voter Identification Law be in Place?

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The “Election and voting: Voter Identification” is a debate between three sides with different opinions about the voter identification law. Each side is represented by Chandler Davidson, Hans von Spakovsky, and Edward Foley. This debate is about whether the voter identification laws should be in place or not. Davidson is against the voting id laws stating its historical context and how it will affect the minorities, older and student during the election time. Spakovsky supports the law saying “the law would prevent voter fraud” and make elections strong and fair. Third, position held by Foley is that voter fraud is a problem and voter id law would help prevent it, but we need to make sure that everyone will have an easy access to the designated places.
Davidson’s idea would get support of liberals as they believe that states with the discrimination against minorities’ history are the ones who are moving forward with the voter id laws. And Spakovsky and Foley believe that the voter identification law would strengthen the voting results. They are concerned about the voter fraud and thinks that it is necessary to implement these laws to prevent illegal alien or felons from voting which could turn the election’s result. Foley, whose position is more likely the right-centrist, think that there should be some kind of voter identification but the government should make it more accessible for all the people.
Davidson position is against the voting identifications and its historic context. He believes that voter fraud is a smokescreen for a growing conservative strategy of disallowing poor and minority voters. The cases of voter fraud are very rare and mostly overstated. For example, In Texas, they spent 1.5million dollars to investiga...

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...should not ignore that if it exists than we should do something so it will not spread. If the voting fraud cases increase than it can threaten our democracy.
The voter identification is a serious issue. The partisan division makes it even harder to come up with any one solution which would make both sides happy. Liberal thinks that the voting identification law is a threat to our rights to vote while conservatives thinks that voter identification is to protect the voter fraud and make our election results more fair. This seems like a solvable issue but both sides do not want to compromise and solve the problem. Partisanships are stopping the country from getting anything done. If both parties cannot come up with any solution which works for both sides on the issue of voter identification, how could they work together and solve the other bigger national problems.

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