Should the U.S. Government Limit Tuition Increases at Colleges and Universities?

Should the U.S. Government Limit Tuition Increases at Colleges and Universities?

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Should the U.S. government limit tuition increases at colleges and universities?

Marleen Clapp, a doctorate holder in higher education administration from Boston believes “In many aspects, a four-year college degree has essentially replaced the high school diploma as the necessary preparation for a career in the modern information economy. Higher-order skills, including critical- and creative-thinking abilities, are often required to compete globally” (Driscoll, Clapp). In this day in age, a high school diploma can only get an individual so far. The importance of college in the United States has been continually growing. While the importance of getting a higher education has grown, college tuition prices have risen as well.

Between the fiscal years of 2008 and 2014 the cost of college tuition has skyrocketed in multiple states. Arizona saw an increase of 80.6%, Nevada with 44%, California with 62.4% Minnesota with 19.5%, and Maryland with the lowest of 3.1%. The United States average increase of college tuition for the fiscal years of 2008 and 2014 was 28.2%. The reason for the increases in college tuition come from the recessions the country has experienced. When there is a recession, the funding is cut for the universities causing them to either cut services or raise tuition prices. Tyler Durden, author of “The Shocking Increase of College Tuition By State” explains, “Today, tuition revenue now outweighs government funding for higher education in 23 states-asking students and families to shoulder higher education costs by a ratio of at least 2-to-1”. Basically, college students are making up for the education cuts with their tuition (Durden).

The issue of college tuition increases affects all students out of high sch...

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