Should the United States Provide Affordable Healthcare for US citizens Essay

Should the United States Provide Affordable Healthcare for US citizens Essay

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U.S citizens should be given the opportunity of having affordable health insurance such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), because it will allow proper medical attention for Americans, and benefits the overall health of America. The ACA, better known as Obamacare, is a government act enforcing laws that all American citizen and business owners to purchase healthcare insurance, or pay an annual penalty for not doing so. The health care act benefits Americans immensely by providing affordable healthcare for Americans living below the poverty line and expanding medicaid coverage to more citizen. The health care act also provides an equal opportunity for all citizens regardless of medical history. Government funded health insurance administer affordable health care, through laws such as businesses with over fifty employees to provide health care, and regulation of insurance accessibility. The ACA was constructed to avail poverty-stricken citizens, working citizen, and business owners.
The Affordable Care Act has influenced health care policies to reach out to all American citizens, especially citizen living below the poverty line. Over 800,000 patients who have checked in to homeless clinics 61% of the patients were uninsured (DiPietro 1). Although, government funded programs provide care for poverty-stricken families and individuals, the medical attention doesn’t cover mental health care, hospital visits, or regular doctor visits. The ACA is expanding eligibility for citizen who live up to 138% of the poverty line (Chang, Davis 2). The expansion of medicaid may surface the misconception that poverty-stricken patients are more prone to illness than those who aren’t. This issue can lead to more government spending wh...

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