Should The United States Move A System That Truly Provides Universal Health Insurance Coverage?

Should The United States Move A System That Truly Provides Universal Health Insurance Coverage?

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Should the United States move to a system that truly provides universal health insurance coverage? What are the key arguments in favor and against?

The extremely high costs of health care and the continuing rise of these costs is the key argument against universal care. Critics maintain that this country simply can not afford to open the gates of care to each and every individual. However, this country is one of the wealthiest and has a substantial amount of resources and technology within the area of health care. In comparison to other countries, the United States is much more advanced in the level of research and technological advances in medicine. The key argument in favor of moving to a universal health insurance coverage is that citizens deserve a return on the investment when observing the expenditures towards health care versus the outcomes. In addition, a benefit of universal health insurance coverage is the result of healthier individuals which would lead to higher productivity in employment which would directly impact the income by investing back into the American economy.

2.Should people who are in this country without immigration documentation be eligible for health insurance coverage provided with public dollars? What are the key arguments in favor and against?

Tax payers are the foundation for funding public programs and their contribution is critical to maintaining this benefit for United States citizens. The enormous increase in the migration of immigrants to this country has forced the discussion of accessibility to health care and support from these programs for this population. While the act to deny health care to any individual in need is unethical, what stipulation exists that an individual is owe...

... middle of paper ... care costs have been growing much faster than the rate of inflation, drug costs have been growing faster than overall health care costs” (pg. 338). This quote exposes the blatant problem with drug prices and why a cap needs to be implemented. The government must become involved and regulate this increase at some level. Although critics oppose too much government involvement in private business, this problem tremendously impacts Americans, especially our vulnerable populations of the sick and elderly. If private businesses, especially health care companies and pharmaceutical companies do not want to be overly regulated by government agencies, then they should have developed more efficient and practical cost containment strategies in order to prevent caps such as price ceilings. However with the exponentially rising costs, intervention has become a necessity.

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