Should The Quota System Be Implemented? Essay

Should The Quota System Be Implemented? Essay

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Quotas reinforce many participants’ doubts about how democracy in Iraq is implemented. In most groups, ironically, participants are adamantly opposed to the quota system to appoint leadership positions in the government, but no one championed the other side of the argument: that this system might be needed to ensure that all groups have a seat at the table. A Sunni Baghdad woman says, “If there are no professional people to work, and as long as the militias and the sectarianism exist… then nothing will be solved.” This again goes to the paradox: Iraqis are highly critical of provisions that solidify ethnic divisions—such as sect-based autonomy and quotas—and support signs of unity, Iraqi nationalism, or decisions based on merit. Yet sectarian attitudes are deeply entrenched in the societal undercurrents.

Blame for ISIS is Widespread; Unity, and Foreign Help, Needed to Defeat It

Criticism of ISIS comes from all groups including Shia, Sunni, Kurd, and minority participants. The negative impact of ISIS on personal security, the economy, Iraq’s cohesiveness, and gov-ernment leaders is unanimous. Participants see the group as giving Islam a bad name and relay personal stories of its crimes against their friends or families. They see ISIS’s rise as an embar-rassment for the government and Iraqi Army, and have little confidence in its ability to defeat ISIS without major international assistance.

Blame for the rise of ISIS is spread broadly among both foreign countries and domestic forces. The list of those receiving blame is long: the US, Israel, the UK, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia, Iran, former Prime Minister Maliki, Ba’athists, the Kurds, the Iraqi Army, Sunni and Shia militias, and Iraqi society more broadly. P...

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...q, Paul Bremer, for levying taxes on raw mate-rials and not taxing imports. Others express frustration that projects are awarded to foreign companies while local factories are shut down. They are aware of privatization, but see none of the benefits. Many rely on salaries provided directly from the government and are angry that the government is squandering money instead of making payments. Kurds are particularly angry about not receiving salaries from the government, and many list this as they top demand from Baghdad.

Others complain that they see no long-term planning from the government, and instead only see responses to immediate threats. Even with the ongoing major security threats, these Iraqis want to see a plan for long-term growth and a clear explanation of how it will benefit them; this sug-gests the government needs to improve its communications efforts.

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