Should The Open Carry Law? Essay

Should The Open Carry Law? Essay

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The controversy of whether regular everyday citizens should be allowed to carry guns from regular handguns to military-style weapons has been going on for a long while, and has increasingly grown into a much bigger issue over the past decade. Here in Texas, a very large percentage of our citizens publicly support the open-carry law that has recently been passed in this state as of January 1, 2016. However, there is still a number of individuals who are opposed to this due to the amount of safety hazards it brings into everyday life in our society.
One solution that the Democratic Party has proposed to the people as a way of regulating the amount of weapons in our citizens hands is having every individual who is wanting to purchase a gun be required to take a mental health test before being able to own the weapon of choice. Although the open-carry law is a serious problem that must be dealt with not only in the state, but in the entire country, these mental health tests are not the solution that this problem needs.
Yes, the mental health tests are a way of prohibiting citizens from being able to obtain lethal weapons, but this approach is an insulting, horrible way of dealing with the problem. The root of this problem does not lie in the fault of the people who support this, but the open-carry law itself being approved in the first place by the 2015 Texas Legislature; the only thing that these mental health tests will do is leave many people who might need the protection helpless from people who will eventually prey on these “mentally ill” individuals because they know they can not defend themselves. Any individual can commit a crime regardless of what state their mental health is in or what kind of background/record they may hav...

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... universities or refusing to teach at any university in Texas all together.”
The lack of gun control is an ongoing problem in this country, and many people are refusing to admit that it truly has become something extremely out of hand. Although we do have individuals who recognize the fact that this is something that needs to be addressed such as Hillary Clinton who said, “It is time to act. As President, I will take on the gun lobby and fight for commonsense reforms to keep guns away from terrorists, domestic abusers, and other violent criminals,” it is not enough. In order for this issue to be resolved, everyone must stand up and fight. The awareness of the dangers that this law brings to society needs to be spread to the thousands of people blinded by these violent and negative views of society before the issue is too far gone to be fixed, and we must start now.

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