Should The Law Reflect The Moral Or Religious Values Of A Community? Essay example

Should The Law Reflect The Moral Or Religious Values Of A Community? Essay example

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Should the law reflect the moral or religious values of a community?
The matter of religion in relation to law is an age old question that many generations of people have had to face. In fact, in some ancient civilizations, religion was as much a part of the law, as water is a basic human necessity. Leaders were often worshiped as messengers or children of gods, and sometimes even as gods themselves. Religion has shaped the backbone of many a community, and still today, in some parts of the world, it is a force to be reckoned with. However, it is in my belief, that the religious and moral values of an area should not influence the laws that people are meant to abide by. Not only because many people do not share the same religious beliefs (or even have a religion for that matter), but because in doing so, it allows for the possibility that people will try to take advantage of the system and commit acts that are morally unjust, in the name of their religion.
While it may it be true that laws influenced by religion can seem harmless, such as not being able to buy alcohol on a Sunday, the reverse is also true. For every situation that seems harmless, is another where someone has committed unspeakable acts in the name of their religion. Not only that, but it still begs the question: Why should one religion be able to dictate what is morally wrong or right? Why does this religion get to enforce its beliefs upon me? All in all, it creates a sense of inequality, if you will.
Conflict is far from unfamiliar when different religions or moral beliefs clash with one another. Wars have literally been started and people have been killed because they do not agree with certain moral beliefs or values. Mass genocide of humans with different bel...

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...ny different people onto a better path in their everyday lives. Especially now, when it seems that the younger generation is experiencing a new, religious reawakening. In many religions, there is a set of rules, principles, or religious laws that believers of a faith are meant to live by. For example, in Christianity, it is called the Ten Commandments. It is fine to willingly follow rules such was these, however, it is in my strong opinion, that you should never force upon someone a belief system they wish to have no part of.
It is with this state of mind, that I once again, stress the fact that religion and other moral values of a community should not, under any circumstances, have influence in regards to the law. Just as one person can not speak for everyone in existence, neither should religion. Religion should not dictate law and law should not dictate religion.

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