Should The Illegal Immigration Be The United States And The Need For Reform?

Should The Illegal Immigration Be The United States And The Need For Reform?

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The audience for this essay is the instructor of my English 111 course, Professor Stephen Huffman, teachers, my classmates, and students. I am writing this for an Ivy Tech Community College online English course. This persuasive essay is about the illegal immigration in the United States and the need for reform. This subject is very controversial, highly emotional, and debated among many.
As I thought about this topic, I found it difficult at first as how I was going to write this. I consider myself very liberal and open to helping those who make into our country regardless of status. At first, I was going to write about a very open idea against immigration reform. However, I decided to take a stance and write on an opinion different than my own. I found this to be a very good learning process. I decided if I can persuade myself then I was on the right path to persuade others.
.I wrote this essay to inform fellow students, teachers, and activists of some of the points presented by people against immigration. As I present a limited view of cons of illegal immigrations, it is this author’s intent to allow the readers to form their own opinions on the issues, regardless of the view the author presented. I do not take a hard stance or view against immigration into the United States. However, after writing this essay, I became more aware of the reform needed to make The United States a safer place.

Illegal Immigration
On August 4, 2014, off-duty Border Patrolman Javier Vega was enjoying time off with his family in Santa Monica, Texas. Two Mexican nationals approached Officer Vega and demanded money. After a heated conversation, one of the subjects pulled a gun out and fatally shot Officer Vega in his chest. Law enforcement offic...

... middle of paper ... As long as the demand for low-cost labor is there, illegal immigrants will continue to come to the United States (Marietta, 2006).
Immigration is very important to the United States. The United was founded and developed by the hard work of immigrants. As times have changed, the need for securing our borders and immigration reform is greatly needed. Between 2004 and 2013, 511 police officers were killed by illegal immigrants in the United States (Family Security Matters, 2015). The death of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega is an excellent example of how the United States needs to take steps to reform current laws. Illegal immigration has caused a burden on our economy, threatens the security of the United States, and burdens our local communities. Immigration reform is needed to protect Americans and control the flow of immigrants into the United States.

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