Should The Government Increase Military Spending? Essay

Should The Government Increase Military Spending? Essay

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Should the government decrease military spending or should it increase military spending? This is a question that many Americans wrestle with, and politically speaking, is a point of great contention since to many, military might evokes a sense of security. However, when considering this question from a foreign policy standpoint, does current military spending really match the current level of threats faced by the United States, or are too many dollars being allocated for an unnecessary level of military strength? There are certainly cons in making the decision to drastically lower military spending, but they are minimal when compared to the positive ramifications such a decision would have. This paper aims to explore these pros and cons and make the case for why a reduction in military spending is essential for the current and future welfare of the United States.
In order to understand defense spending and to determine whether the United States is spending too much on this portion of the budget, one must first know what defense spending entails and how the funds are being used. According to Cambridge Dictionaries Online (2016), defense spending is “money spent by a government to provide its military with weapons, equipment, and soldiers.” Defense spending is what keeps us safe and can include a wide array of expenditures from the acquisition of weaponry to the recruitment of a high school student for military training. Allocating funds for national defense within a country is of great importance because it “is one of the most important objectives of any government because national security is a necessary condition for a government to pursue other policy objectives” (Heo & Bohte, 2012, p. 416). Essentially, in order for ci...

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... who are obese or the amount of annual spending on Black Friday shopping. When considering the defense spending of the country, this extreme trend continues. In the Washington Post, Taylor and Karklis choose to visually display the data about how the U.S. defense spending compares to the rest of the world and relay that “U.S. military spending easily dwarfed the rest of the world. With a defense budget of around $597 billion, it was almost as much as the next 14 countries put together and far larger than the rest of the world” (2016). If the United States found itself in a constant state of substantial threat, possibly this disproportionate spending would be warranted, but to exhibit such an extreme budget, especially when compared with the other countries that are the only threat the U.S. has, it is difficult to make an argument that justifies this spending.

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