Should the Evidence We Have for Evolution Diminish the Importance of Religion in Society?

Should the Evidence We Have for Evolution Diminish the Importance of Religion in Society?

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The original of life has been, and will continue to be, a complex and broad topic that human beings attempt to examine and understand in deep for how and where lives come from. While the book of Genesis from Christian Old Testament sets the answer to be God, who created the world and all the species within six days, naturalist Charles Darwin established, in his published book The Origin of Species in 1859, which all species on Earth have indeed evolved continuously from common ancestors (Coyne, 2009). This aroused vigorous controversy between science and religion, which are based on tangible evidence and faith respectively. This essay will look at the nature, perspectives, and incompatibility between the evidence of evolution and religion, and suggests that the two can coexist without diminishing the importance of one another.

Before examining the relationship between two concepts in deep, one should first recognize what is the evidence for evolution. Ever since 1800s, numerous evidences have been discovered and developed from multiple perspectives to verify and to demonstrate how species on earth descend from natural process. Notable evidences include DNA coding (DM, 2004), fossil record (Norell & Novacek, 1992), homologous structure for the same group of animals etc. These evidences provide credible and tangible support for Darwin’s theory. Yet, evidence of evolution are not proved to be absolutely true. The evolution theory is unable to address questions about the origin of life, such as how the first living cell existed in the world. On the other hand, religion is a collection of beliefs in gods which relate humanity to “an order of existence” (Geertz, 1993). “Faith” is the core value of a religion, which seemingly contradi...

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