Should The Euthanasia Be Australia? Essay

Should The Euthanasia Be Australia? Essay

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Topic: should the euthanasia be legalise in Australia?

Introduction background:
The word euthanasia originated from Greek, which mean the termination of a very sick person’s life in order to relieve them from their suffering. It is also the same reason why the euthanasia invented the name mercy killing. The mercy of the killing is usually referred as an easy painless death, this can be done through the demand of a dying patient or legal representative. When such death is done, it is called voluntary death. Other euthanasia type is passive, it means when a doctor failed to provide enough support to prevent death of patient. Another euthanasia type is active, is means when someone intentions cause a death. In Australia, euthanasia assisted suicide is regards as a crimes and it is illegal since federal government overturned the euthanasia laws that was pass to legalise the short-live in Northern Territory1996. But the Australians public support for the euthanasia laws reform or assisting dying person, remains undeniable. According to Newspoll survey that was conducted in 2012. These are the results below:
Australians who advocate assisting dying law reform were 82.5% against those who oppose it which consist of 12.7% only. The majority voters were drawn from Liberal/National 82% ALP 84% and the Greens 88%.
Public opinion belief personal advocacy for assisted dying law reform is (84% more important vs 15% less important).

Arguments for:
Currently euthanasia is not legalise in Australia by law to be practiced despite strong public support. Euthanasia Laws Act 1997 section 50a, clearly stated if person is in position to practice or permitting intentional killing of a or the assisting of a person to terminate his or her life is c...

... middle of paper ...

... some religious like Hindu and Buddhist do take the other side of the argument and believe that the drugs should be used to end suffering but argued it depend circumstances of the person’s.

However, I think we need to recognise that the suffering is unavoidable part of life, and our duty is to understand the suffering which cannot be avoid. To sum up, euthanasia should be permitted for individual freedom or liberty, and for the general benefits of our society. Therefore, when the patient’s feels he or she is not getting the quality of life he or she want, the least the doctor can do is to grant him or her the freedom of choice because after all, you don’t know the suffering that he or she going through. I believe if the person want to die, we should satisfy him or her with their last wishes. And this is why I think euthanasia should be legalise to all Australians.

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