Should The Affordable Care Act Affect Individuals? Essay examples

Should The Affordable Care Act Affect Individuals? Essay examples

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Problem Statement
If a Republican was elected president, to what extent would the Affordable Care Act affect individuals if it was repealed? Would it be cause more hardships for individuals or will it have a positive response? As individuals, what can we do if Trump is elected?
Option One
If Trump is elected as president of the United States, the Affordable Care Act may be repealed and this would cause hardships for low-income individuals because they rely on affordable insurance known as ObamaCare. In order to make sure low-income individuals are able to afford health insurance, society would need to create a petition and receive countless signatures so it can be submitted to Congress and the White House. By creating a petition and obtaining signatures, individuals are spreading the word of what the possible outcomes might be if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. It is important to inform individuals on what the outcomes may be because they might not fully understand that low-income individuals will have a harder time affording health insurance, that the elderly will have to wait until age 67 to apply for Medicare, and that ObamaCare will be eliminated altogether.
Individuals need to understand that they might not be able to afford health care insurance without the Affordable Care Act, which can lead to about 50 million individuals without health insurance (Mangan, 2016). The individuals without health insurance, are more likely to arrive at the emergency rooms when extremely sick because they will wait until they are very sick before going to the doctor and this will lead them to the emergency rooms. Without insurance, individuals will not be able to afford the emergency room bill and the taxpayers will have to cover this ...

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...from the comfort of their home while they try to understand why Trump wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
Potential challenges that might arise for option one would be not having enough signatures and the individuals obtaining signatures might not be relying the information correctly. These challenges can effective the low-income stakeholders because they are the ones that want to receive the signatures to make sure they do not lose their health coverage. The low-income stakeholders would be affected because they might not be taken seriously among the Republican party.
As for the second option, it might be difficult to convince Trump to do a media coverage on why he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act if he does not having reasoning to. Media coverage might be more difficult to do because more individuals are working to make this happen.

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