Should Technology Be Safe On The Internet? Essay

Should Technology Be Safe On The Internet? Essay

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Technology is an ever-changing evolution. Parents and teachers need to be tech savvy to keep up with the new trends and advances in technology. It is even more important to know about updated technology so that teachers know how to keep students safe. There are so many various ways students can find harm using technology. The main focus should be to teach students how to be safe on the internet. Some of the harmful things that can be found on the internet include; cyber bullying, inappropriate content, predators, and identity theft, just to name a few.
As a teacher it is part of the teacher 's responsibility to teach children the correct use of technology and internet to help students learn effective cooping skills if they ever have to deal with potential harm on the internet. Students need to be taught to use the internet safely, securely, and productively. Places students can be at risk online are when using the internet are; instant messenger, chat, games, email, social networks, or apps, and file sharing networks.
Basic internet safety includes talking with younger student about stranger Danger. Some of the things to consider when discussing stranger danger with younger students is discussing how real life versus virtual environment is, and that strangers are not always mean or dangerous. Talk to student about how in “real life” students can run away, but online it is harder to get away from because students access the internet at home or at school. Talk to students about who is appropriate to talk to online, examples would be family members, and classmates, or only people that they know in real life.
Most likely a younger student is not going to be on the internet surfing and chatting unsupervised. In kindergarten and f...

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... email is to discuss phishing scams using email with students. Talk about the different ways scammers can try to get a person 's information and ways students can effectively protect themselves. One of the main ways students can protect themselves is to never open unknown email, don 't reply to emails asking for personal or financial information, don 't click on links asking for these things. Hackers can retrieve information about a person from their computer by using malware, when you click on a link. Another way is if a person copy and pastes the link to their browser. It might look legit, but it could take them to another website. Students should be wary of emails that seem to be urgent, and never call the number listed in an email. The best way to stay safe when it comes to website links is to actually type the link in the browser. Let students know that using an

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