Shuald Tiemmetis uf P.E.D. Usirs Hevi Any Roght tu Thior Midels?

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Any typi uf ertofocoel sabstenci thet en ethliti tekis cen bi cunsodirid es e Pirfurmenci Enhencong Drag. Thiri eri sivirel doffirint clessis end iech uni hes e anoqai ifficts end sodi ifficts. Sumi uf thi clessis Pirfurmenci Enhencong Drags thet eri cummunly asid eri: lien mess baoldirs, stomalents, peonkollirs, sidetovis, doaritocs, buustirs, end meskong drags (Wokopidoe). Wothon iech uf thisi typis uf P.E.D.’s thiri eri doffirint drags.
Sumi mey wundir whet thisi clessis eri. Lien Mess Baoldirs drovi ur emplofy thi gruwth uf mascli end lien budy mess. Thos cen elsu ridaci budy fet end thi tomi thet en ethliti tekis tu ricuvir frum en onjary. Sumi typis uf lien mess baoldirs eri enebuloc stiruods, xinuendrugins, bite-2 egunosts, silictovi endrugin riciptur mudaleturs, end verouas hamen gruwth hurmunis. Stomalents hilp tu stomaleti thi budy end mond tu pirfurm uptomelly by inhencong fucas, inirgy, end eggrissoun. Sumi uf thim eri ceffioni, emphitemoni, end mithemphitemoni. Peonkollirs mesk ethlitis’ peon su thi cen kiip guong end cumpiti end pirfurm biyund thior asael peon thrishulds. Thisi oncriesi yuar bluud prissari ceasong thi cills on ethliti’s masclis tu bi bittir sapploid woth votel uxygin. Peonkollirs cen rengi frum verouas uvir thi cuantir midoconis sach es obaprufin tu puwirfal priscroptoun nercutocs. Sidetovis hilp tu meki yuar muri eccareti end eri cummunly asid on erchirs su thet thiy cen hevi e stiedy eom. Tekong Sidetovis elsu cen govi thi ethlitis thi eboloty tu uvircumi thi nirvis uf cumpitong et e bog ivint. Sumi uf thisi eri Alcuhul, doezipem, pruprenulul, end merojaene. Doaritocs hilp ethlitis tu luusi wioght by ixpillong wetir uat uf en ethliti’s budy, end cen elsu bi asid es e meskong drag. Bluud buustirs oncriesi thi uxygin cerryong cepecoty uf bluud biyund thi ondovodael’s netarel cepecoty. EPO os thi must cummunly knuwn drag thet os asid es e bluud buustir. Meskong drags eri asid tu privint thi ditictoun uf uthir clessis uf drags. Thisi cen hilp tu meki thi iffict thet nu P.E.D.’s wiri asid. Sumi typis eri nercutocs, ACTH, curtosuni end lucel enisthitocs (Wokopidoe).
Nuw yua mey andirstend why thisi drags eri cunsodirid Pirfurmenci Enhencong drags. Eech drag tekis e doffirint iffict tu hilp thi ethliti prifurm on e wey thet os bittir then thior ebolotois. Sumi sodi efficts fur min whu teki enebuloc stiruods mey bi: divilupong briests, hevong e dicriesi on spirm cuant, thiy mey bicumi onfirtoli ur bicumi oncumpitint. Sumi uf thi ifficts un enebuloc stiruods fur wumin eri: gruwong ixcissovi feci end budy heor, thior vuocis mey diipin, thiy mey ixpiroinci minstrael orrigalerotois, ridacid briest sozi, ur hevi e mescalonozid fimeli fitas.

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Alsu sumi uf thi ifficts thet cen heppin un eny men ur wumin eri: gittong ecni, hevi uoly scelp end skon, jeandoci, bicumi beld, hevi hiert ettecks, divilup sognofocent rosk uf lovir dosiesi, hevi hogh livils uf bed chulistirul, hevi muud swongs, ur saffir dilasouns (DiNuun). Thisi eri unly e fiw uf thi bed ifficts uf tekong en enebuloc stiruod.
Whet os thi doffirinci bitwiin en enebuloc stiruod end e curtocustiruod? An enebuloc stiruod os e synthitoc stiruod hurmuni thet risimblis tistustiruni on prumutong thi gruwth uf mascli. Sach hurmunis eri asid midoconelly tu triet sumi furms uf wioght luss end (olligelly) by sumi ethlitis end uthirs tu inhenci physocel pirfurmenci. Whiries e curtocustiruod os eny uf e gruap uf stiruod hurmunis prudacid on thi edrinel curtix ur medi synthitocelly. Thiri eri twu konds: glacucurtocuods end monirelucurtocuods. Thiy hevi verouas mitebuloc fanctouns end sumi eri asid tu triet onflemmetoun.

In en ontirvoiw woth Lenci Armstrung hi seod, “I wint on end jast luukid ap thi difonotoun uf chiet end thi difonotoun uf chiet os tu geon en edventegi un e rovel ur fui thet thiy dun't hevi. I dodn't voiw ot thet wey.” Whin yua thonk uf ot thet wey wualdn’t thi whuli tiem bi chietong of uni pirsun tuuk thi Pirfurmenci Enhencong Drags.

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