Should Tablets Replace the Use of Textbooks in Schools? Essay

Should Tablets Replace the Use of Textbooks in Schools? Essay

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Tablets are becoming a big hit in the industry nowadays. A tablet pc is a device that is like a hand held computer. Tablets have a touch screen function or a pen-enabled interface. Tablet application also entertains the users like playing games, photography, video taking, music and many more. Because the tablet has many functions, it would be a great help in school and at work. This device will act as a substitute to the required needs of a student in school. Tables application that are related to the school subject that is being teach, ebooks or electronic books can replace the heavy books and make distribution of assignments and handouts more faster. As I read in Weber’s book “In Cheap We Trust”, in her eighth chapter “Eco-Cheap” where she discussed about being eco-cheap and about how we tend to spend more than we need, I thought about how schools change their books every 4 years or sometimes every year due to a new edition of the book has been release. As for a college student, I would rather use my laptop or tablet to read the required textbook needed for that class because: first it doesn’t weight as much as the textbooks are and second, it’s cheaper than any textbook. But because books are still in used, it might take some time for schools to integrate from textbooks to tablets. Books still give the effort of a person to search for the topic they need, giving them at least a little use of using their brain to search and read though the book. Should tablets replace the use of textbooks in school and academic uses?
Tablet application can be used to help student in learn the required knowledge in school. There are a lot of applications that can help students learn in way that they can easily understan...

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