Should Students Required A Bad Test Score? Essay

Should Students Required A Bad Test Score? Essay

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Most states in the United States use standardized testing and testing in general, to assess the knowledge of their student and the quality of the teachers in schools. Over the last few years, the number of opt-out’s (parents deciding their children are not taking the tests) for standardized tests in states like New York, New Jersey, and California has increased dramatically (Albers 258). Does this show that parents are starting to realize how unfair these tests are? I do not believe that these tests are an accurate way of assessing students and teachers in schools. There are many reasons that students can receive a bad test score. Though it may be difficult to eliminate tests completely, I believe that there are other, better ways of assessing the knowledge of students.
Standardized testing, and testing in general, are not sufficient ways to test young learners’ knowledge on topics, and they take away students’ desire to learn. Many students, myself included, get test anxiety, which may cause the students to become bad test takers. A student may be the smartest student in the room, and know the subject being taught like the back of his/her hand, but if he or she has test anxiety, that causes one to get a lower test score than what he/she has to potential to earn. Moreover, he/she could be affected by that and be looked at as less intelligent because of this test score. In my schools, especially in middle school, students were placed in different level classes based on their test scores. Because of this in most classes, I was always put in the lowest class level because I did poorly on the standardized test that determined my class placement. I was never able to reach my full potential in my classes during middle school becaus...

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...ere learning comes first (Carless 58). This type of assessment focuses on the overall needs of student, and the best way he/she will succeed because of the assessments. Also learning- oriented assessments points out assessments should lead to some kind of student learning, not just teaching the information then moving on from it (Carless 57). This adds to the ideology that the information being taught, and the assessments should be meaningful to the student. To make sure students know the information that is/was on the test given, teachers should revisit the information that was evident students know well enough and let them correct their mistakes. This will show the students their teacher wants them to learn making them have more trust in their teachers and it will show the teachers what they need to spend extra time on the next time he/she teaches the lesson again.

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