Should Students Pay Out Of Pocket For College?

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For those who have graduated from high school and will continue with their higher education, many if not all of these students will have to pay out of pocket for college. Most students think that if they graduate from college or a four-year university, they will have a chance to work in the professional field rather than work for minimum wage. It is an opportunity for anyone, particularly those who have low wages, to earn a degree and make more money. In the article “Expanding Community College Access” by the Editorial Board, President Obama states that tuition for community colleges should be free because the American workforce is not educated enough for the global and national workplace. The presiding evidence and statements from experts show that by providing free higher education, a nation’s economy will prosper, and citizens will enjoy a greater amount of happiness (Editorial Board). Therefore, it is only practical for the United States of America to provide free tuition to all community colleges in the nation, as it will help the students to continue with their education, help the nation’s economy, allow citizens to pursue careers that pay more, and the qualifications to enter community colleges is not so difficult. The biggest obstacle stopping a student from pursuing community college are the costs, which can be fixed by taxpayers. Taxpayers are the ones who provide major funding for schools, and should be more willing to provide funds for higher education. Unfortunately, there are taxpayers who do not wish to deduct a significant amount of money from their paychecks to provide for higher education.These taxpayers need to realize their tax dollars that go into higher education is an investment for future generations. I... ... middle of paper ... ...ted.The President has stated clearly that he wants everyone in the America to go to school for at least two years in a community college, so they can be educated and provide a steady income for their family. However, it would be far more beneficial if the American government simply provided free tuition at community colleges than have students go through a program. There are several emotional and logical appeals to support free community college tuition. This proposal will give more opportunities for many people and allow them to have a better future. President Obama has provided Americans the opportunity to advance their careers and education. Free community college should be supported because it will not only advance careers and education, but it will help the nation’s economy, build a stable government, and more importantly, give fulfillment to American citizens.

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