Essay on Should Students Pay For Public College?

Essay on Should Students Pay For Public College?

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It is always heavily debated on whether or not willing and able people should have to pay for public college. Many argue that when there is someone who is willing to go to college and is also physically able to go but cannot afford it, it is a waste of perfectly good opportunities. The other side argues that if college were to be free, the value of a degree would decrease significantly. With this happening, the taxes would also go up notably. This not only effects families with college bound children it also effects every taxpayer in America. It is not easy to pick a side on the affordability of an educational system because both sides have valid arguments.
. Despite all of the anxiety, Americans seem confident that those who are sufficiently qualified and motivated are currently able to go to college. Parents of high school students are optimistic that their children will be able to get a higher education (Immerwahr). Higher education is impacted the most, but also high school and lower grade schools can be impacted as well. This can be seen when it comes to school lunches, lab fees, and the cost of school provided activities. In high school, most senior classes pay “senior dues”. This is most of the time used to help fund prom and graduation items, but some of this money also goes to the school as well. School lunch prices have also increased and some of this money also contributes to the financial security of the school. Lab fees are another thing that most high schools have. These fees are used to purchase items that the schools should be able to purchase themselves. The schools do try and provide easy ways for these things to become affordable. Some of the ways include having a lunch program for children with financial need...

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...h college is getting expensive there is always a way for students or adults to go to school. Whether it be taking out loans or using financial aid. People may not like this but it is the way our society is going se we just have to adapt to it.
Even though a lot of people want the price of higher education to go down others would rather have the price of higher education stay the same or go up because to them they think they want their degree to mean something in the long run, not something anybody and everybody can get. A happy medium to help solve this argument would be, the people that do not want to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to college should just go to a community college or a certain school that is not very expensive to go to but also has a good educational system and for those who do not mind paying all of that money to go to big universities.

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