Essay about Should Students Become Apathetic About Attending School?

Essay about Should Students Become Apathetic About Attending School?

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If students become apathetic about attending school, they will reap the consequences of a poor education and, in turn, will not attain a degree. The question, though, is not so much as how do we make them [students] go to school, but why are they not attending school? Many would answer that these particular students are delinquents or the stereotype that children and teens despise school, but, the issue may be more complex that that. Bullying and clothing choices may or may not have something to do with lack of attendance. In this case, uniforms could greatly improve attendance records due to the roadblock uniforms put in place between issues at school and lack of attendance. As Helfert and Warschburger state in their article, A prospective study on the impact of peer and parental pressure on body dissatisfaction in adolescent girls and boys, “...a concern for adolescents, particularly girls, is that there may be substantial peer pressure to dress well which could, in turn, lead to low self esteem if a child is unable to dress “properly” due to low income or parental preferences. Uni...

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