Should Students be Required to Pass Proficiency Tests in Order to Graduate from High School?

Should Students be Required to Pass Proficiency Tests in Order to Graduate from High School?

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What if an adolescent took a test that solely determined whether or not they make it to their high school graduation? For most high school students this is a reality. High schools across the U.S. require all of their students to pass proficiency tests in order to graduate. These state-wide tests include having a standard knowledge in reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as science in some states now. These tests show the level of proficiency that each student is at in each subject based only their test scores. So the question that many students, teachers, and parents ask is: Should students be required to pass proficiency tests in order to graduate from high school? In Arizona, high schools require their students to take the AIMS (Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards) tests and pass them in order in progress out of high school. Arizonan students must now pass reading, writing, and math and science tests. Many schools have integrated an extra class for students to prepare for taking the tests. Students in these classes can receive either a pass or fail for the course. The original reason and importance for having these tests was to ensure that all students are meeting the standards of education in those tested subjects by the time they graduate. Having more research done about statistics and percentages on opposition and stances on proficiency testing would make an impact in the way schools would continue standardized testing, not only in high schools, but elementary schools as well. Since there is little investigation and research that has been done, there is not a strong voice from the teachers, parents, or students on this subject. Some people are opposed to these proficiency tests for a number of r...

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... issues with students. The need for more reasrech on this subject is essential for school districts and the state government, so that they can better see whether the money going towards testing is being used well. Overall, if there is more statistics, findings, reports, and research done on the subject of proficiency testing in high schools alone, then we can better understand where the nation is at on its views on the subject.

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