Should Students Attend The Rally? Essay

Should Students Attend The Rally? Essay

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“Teachers, please release your students to their Advisory class,” the speaker announces to all of the eighth hour classes. As I open the wooden door and leave the physics room, other classroom doors slam open and students rush out into the hall. Some of them, including me, plan to attend the pep rally that day, while others plan on the sudden flood of “doctor’s appointments,” releasing them from this school activity. Upon entering my Advisory classroom and then continuing on to the assembly, I can notice the sudden decrease in the number of students. This is an issue that needs to be addressed, as the students not attending the rally are ultimately harmful towards all of the students. There needs to be more involvement at these types of events, and this can be accomplished by either adding more incentives to attend the function or by making it harder for students to skip them.
The mindset of some of the students, that these activities are pointless, cannot be healthy for the entire student body. Foremost, students should be satisfied just with these laid-back occasions taking time out of their classes. Would they rather be stuck in a boring class doing busy work? I guarantee that they would not. Most importantly, this attitude of not wanting to attend these events that are meant to be something fun can be demoralizing to the people who are planning it. We should not let situation to get to the point where those people or the school no longer wishes to organize these junctures anymore. Furthermore, more student involvement would escalate the school, as it would contribute to additional school pride and enthusiasm. The student body needs to become more enthusiastic about these activities.
The first possible solution to our poor stud...

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...the students. It will hurt the moral of students and make the school feel more prison-like. Therefore, this may not be the healthiest thing for the student body. While there are some setbacks to both of the proposed solutions, implementing one of these is better than leaving the situation as it is, as student participation should be the primary objective.
While students leaving before an event is a problem, it is fixable. With both options to choose from, the first solution, where incentives are given out to the students, is the best. It is much simpler to implement, and the students will only have positive reactions to it. Rewarding students is better than punishing them. If the school rewards students for attending these events, I am sure less students will be signed out for “doctor’s appointments” that day. The improvement in student involvement needs to initiate.

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