Should Standardized Testing Be Qualified For Higher Educational Opportunities?

Should Standardized Testing Be Qualified For Higher Educational Opportunities?

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A standardized test, is known as an exam to measure a student 's scholastic performance and while this definition holds merit in its general meaning, it does not take into account whether the exam is unbiased, fair, or accurate. With this being said, the issue of whether standardized testing is a fair assessment of one 's overall knowledge or achievement in one 's educational career has been a heated debate for quite some time now. When looking into this issue, one should ask themselves: is the use of standardized testing for the assessment of a future college student 's mental capabilities the ideal form of showing a student 's true potential in both academic and real life settings? One should also question whether standardized testing has grounds to determine whether a person is qualified for higher educational opportunities. In addition, for many years, standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT have been known for their ability to measure and assess how well a student will do in his or her college life; however, in recent years, studies have shown that these tests actually deter students in certain ways such as promoting a narrow curriculum and by putting too much emphasis on the preparation of the test. Thus, the requirement of standardized testing for college admissions as well as other educational advancements can undermine the United States ' ability to produce innovative and critical thinking students and its use should be questioned in terms of whether it is an objective and fair assessment of a student 's intelligence.
Initially, the use of standardized testing was meant to determine a student 's ability to succeed at higher levels of education as well as testing their academic capabilities, but has gradually turned i...

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...vative educator, winner of the Teacher of the Year by her district as well as many other recognitions for innovative education advocacy, explains in a trade journal how there are many other ways to assess students without the need for standardized testing, one of which includes, "Look[ing] at each student 's schoolwork: Students are doing work throughout the year. So let 's assess that, rather than a bubble test. For instance, we can look at a piece of writing and use a standardized rubric for measurement" (Nielsen 30). In addition, Instead of the use of standardized testing, the use of effective teacher observation, documentation of a student 's work, as well as performance-based assessments pertaining to the individual 's courses, can all be a good source of directly evaluating real learning tasks and providing useful material for parents, teachers, and the public.

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