Essay about Should Smokers Pay A Higher Premium On Their Health Insurance Policies?

Essay about Should Smokers Pay A Higher Premium On Their Health Insurance Policies?

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With smoking having obvious proven consequences, what does everyone think about smoking and health care???
Smoking and Health and Health care have been a controversial topic for many years. Smoking is one of the major obstacles in health care insurance, health care management and health care in itself.

Should smokers pay a higher premium on their health insurance policies?
Health insurance premiums have been on the rise for years. I was self-employed for over 20 years and the price I paid for health care was astronomical. My cousin has her Master’s Degree in Actuarial Studies and review statistics for state health insurance pools and for major health insurance companies. This topic has come up many times in conversation with her, and she has informed me that Americans would be extremely frustrated to know that their insurance premium increases are a direct reflection from smokers and health complications associated herewith. Furthermore, many company’s health insurance premiums are approximately 25% higher due to smokers within the company. Currently, even though applications ask the “smoker” question, numerous individuals are not always truthful and therefore the health insurance companies are force to pay more for health care services which in the long run affects the rest of the non-smoking community. So should smokers pay a higher premium? Yes, they should, but I am unsure how the health insurance companies will ever figure it out and reflect accurate premium amounts for non-smokers.

Should they be allowed state aid for health insurance programs ie: Minnesota Care?
When answering this question several things go through my mind, such as when a person willingly and continually puts themselves in arms way from smoki...

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...s) selfish desires. That child does not have a choice and is forced into a situation they cannot control, which to me is considered a type of child abuse. Smokers should be forced to read the US Surgeon General Richard Carmona’s study on secondhand smoke and how it is a serious health hazard, and opening a window in a home or a car does not protect children from the after effects of second hand smoke. So if we actually dissect the law it explains that child abuse or endangerment is placing a minor in a situation that endangers their physical or mental health and this act can be caused either knowingly, intentionally or negligently. So therefore yes laws should be written to protect the welfare of children, furthermore smoking is a choice and the parent is knowingly, intentionally and negligently smoking around the child so they should pay some kind of consequence.

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