Should Smart Phones Be Banned? Essay

Should Smart Phones Be Banned? Essay

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With the click of a button, a swipe of a finger, and a few taps on a touch screen, students have access to any amount of information they could ever want, or need. Some students might use this information for good and just for study, or use it to try and help other students who are struggling in the class. The few that would not, however, would cheat and not be honest on their exams and assignments. These few choice students, who will cheat, or text, and who 's phones would make distracting and loud noises, are why it is a much better policy to ban all smart phones from classrooms, rather than allow students to have them.
Not only would students possibly cheat, but smart phone usage is also so incredibly distracting. You can play a game or access an app anytime you want, anywhere you want. You can make phone calls or send text messages. You can tweet, log on to Facebook, SnapChat friends, and post photos to Instagram. There is no way that a student would not get distracted, even if it is only for a moment, with all of the things that they could do on their cell phone. Even my father, whom is fifty four years old, recognizes this as an issue. When I asked him how he thinks smart phones would affect a student’s concentration, he said, “They would be tempted to play on their phones or text each other.” If someone who has been out of school for thirty six years even sees this as an issue, then these options of distractions are just something that does not need to be readily available for students to access while they are trying to learn. This means that if a student uses their cell phone during class often, it could be very detrimental to their over all academic success. In 2014, in an article contained in the International Journal ...

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...n, can lead to students being dishonest, or students not learning any of the material from the class, as they did not have to think and learn the information for themselves, since the answers were already provided to them without them having to provide any effort.
Though smart phones have both their advantages and their disadvantages, it is probably a good solution for smart phones to be banned from classrooms over all. They are far too distracting of objects and they have simply way too much access to any information a student could ever want. I believe it is highly unlikely that a student would use their cell phone just “as a calculator,” an excuse I have heard many of my peers use when caught by a teacher. No one knows what a student is up to when they are on their phones during class and this is just not a risk that teachers and schools should be willing to take.

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