Should Shoe Companies Be Legal? Essay

Should Shoe Companies Be Legal? Essay

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The question of concern is should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes?  There are pros and cons to this and also could be an advantage or disadvantage to some.  The pros is that some people are very poor that they cannot afford to buy shoes or equipment.  Since they are poor they are not able to play a certain sport they love, so getting the free shoes they could attract more players to play.  The cons can be also unfair, because if only a few of the athletes are getting the shoes and or equipment then it may spark some jealousy in the system.  
I believe it would be a great thing for shoe companies to provide free shoes and equipment to high school athletes. This would be the best opportunity to empower young athletes especially from poor backgrounds. It is an undeniable fact that most high school athletes especially from poor backgrounds encounter challenges since their parents cannot afford sports’ accessories. As a result, this hinders them from participating and exercising their natural gifts. Indeed, the equipment is costly and it becomes unaffordable for families struggling to put a meal on the table. This would enhance development in sports activities, as many high school students would have a chance to participate fully in sports activities regardless of financial predicaments.
Along with curricular activities, extracurricular activities in high schools also play a vital role on the personality development and growth of high school students. There many ideas and concepts on personality development that cannot be taught inside the four corners of a classroom, rather , a high school student must interact with fellow high school students, in order to have a hands-on experience...

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...tep in and give guidance to primary and secondary schools. This article will consider the applicable statutory and regulatory language concerning gifts of shoes and other equipment; the administrative policies and judicial interpretations that have been applied to the statutory and regulatory language; and the efforts that have been made to educate the administrators of school districts, booster organizations and parents about gifts of free gear and equipment.  
So in conclusion, as an athlete, I agree that high school student athletes should be given shoes and or equipment regardless of their ability to buy the things that they need.  At the end of the day the shoes nor the equipment makes an athlete but it adds to the ability for them to enjoy what they are doing and do it with something that is not only recommended for greatness but for the safety of all athletes.

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