Should Sex Education Be Allowed? Essay

Should Sex Education Be Allowed? Essay

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Sexual act between unmarried couples have drastically increased in our modern society, leaving us vulnerable to all kinds of diseases, among other things. The only way to stop this, is by teaching abstinence in schools. Sex education in schools should only teach abstinence to students, because doing so would prevent unwanted pregnancy, reduce sexually transmitted diseases, and teach student to have strong convictions and moral values.
The first reason sex education in schools should only teach abstinence is to prevent any form of unwanted pregnancy. Widely believed, the United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the developed world; nearly double those of Canada and other developed countries, and the result is a public health issue with enormous social and economic consequences. Parents don’t usually sit with their kids to talk about sex, mainly premarital sex (sex before marriage). This lack of knowledge usually leads to unsafe sexual act among teenagers, and it often result in unwanted pregnancy. “Approximately 400,000 youth in the U.S were living in foster care in 2011, and nearly one-third of the youth were teenagers. The major reason this occur is due to failure of teaching kids abstinence. Lack of sex education teaching abstinence-only is the primarily cause of unwanted pregnancy which is gradually increasing. In the U.S. for example, a child has freedom to live by himself/herself by the age of 18. At that point, a female teenager has two out of three chance in getting pregnant, due to peer pressure and influence of the media; and one out of three females will dump their kids, or leave them for foster care, due to financial issues, or psychological problems. The only reason unwanted pregnancy is occurring is l...

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...d without any doubt show it to the world and fulfill it fantasy, and that shows morality as long as one is okay with it. That is not true, and shouldn’t at all be consider morality. Recent studies have shown that the first thought that comes to a mentally healthy human when he/she sees a teenager, or an unmarried person having an affair is moral values. Though, there has been some controversy about the study, it is still accepted in the medical society. Besides the scientific studies, religious teachings, mainly Christianity lay down the one flesh rule, saying sex should only occur between a man and a woman as an expression of unity between them, which shows morality. Knowing these, it is ideal to say teenagers engaging in Pre-marital sex are only in it for lust and temporary pleasure, and that doesn’t show moral values, neither will it give them a strong conviction.

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