Should School Uniforms Improve Academic And Social Behavior? Essay

Should School Uniforms Improve Academic And Social Behavior? Essay

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One of the most controversial topics revolving around schooling is the weather students should or should not wear uniforms to improve academic and social behavior. Many sources say that school uniforms improve discipline, attendance, lower criminal activity, and increase academic achievement in students; Furthermore, this is due to less distraction and conforming to the idea that uniforms makes you smarter. This false ideology that is expected from school uniforms has not been proven in any way to work and is more of a waste of the tax-payers money than an improvement. There are more outlying factors that contribute to success or failure than just uniforms and pro-advocates do not get this big picture. The most outspoken reasons why to use them are false such as, lowering gang activity among the students even though it conceals them better, erasing the financial barrier between students that school councils cannot control, and higher academic quality through conformity.
To begin, advocates of supporting school uniforms claim that going through with using them in school will ultimately cancel out gang activity. This is simply untrue; in a real world this has the possibility of causing more gang activities in school without the notice of teachers. Teachers will not have the easy ability to spot accessories or clothing types the students are wearing. Furthermore, the uniforms will shell the students gang related activities. Moving on, in an article called “School Uniforms: An ‘Unfashionable’ Dissent”, written by Dennis Evans, the author states “codes that prohibit the wearing of gang attire and regalia should already be in place.”(Evans par. 3), he backs up his claim with prior knowledge from teaching at a high school for many years....

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...pends on how comfortable the student is with themselves outside their skin and society has proven to lean towards that.
To come into a full circle, school uniforms are meaningless and do not change or help students with their financial barriers, academic quality, and whether or not they are going to be doing gang related activities. First, for gang related activity, schools should already have the regulations in place; secondly, financial barriers will still be seen outside of school and even if they did break these barriers the school would have to make a lot of things free or low cost. Finally, academic quality is based on how the student is brought up and is able to apply that dynamic thinking to their school work. The big problems that both sides address on whether they support uniforms or not is beyond the schools and will have to develop over time with society.

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