Essay about Should School For Twelve Years?

Essay about Should School For Twelve Years?

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Schooled or Educated?

The issue of how we should be educated and what we should learn in school is a highly talked about issue in the United States today. Should students go to school for twelve years? Do they need to all of these standardized tests to be a successful adult in society? Or issues such as grading and how it affects students. Good Will Hunting is a positive movie for a viewer, which shows the issue we see in schools and society today of being schooled or being well educated. Will Hunting is a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a rather quiet individual that doesn’t do much except clean the college and hang out with his friends. He does not go to college and instead is the janitor at one of the most prestigious technology institutes in the world. Will is a genius at math, no one knows this until a professor writes a problem on the board in the hallway and nobody is able to solve it, but Will does. After the professor figures out that it was Will who somehow figured out his problem, he then grows very curious of Will.
Today we are expected to graduate high school and go on to college. Since I can remember it has been the thing to do, I remember when I was young teachers saying how we have to do well in school so that we could get into a good college, and hopefully graduate and get a well paying job. There have been many people who have been looking into this hot topic and are trying to figure out how we should learn. SUMM. Students have been brainwashed into thinking they can only be a success if they go to school, but that is generally not true (Gatto 273). What Gatto is saying is that people assume that if you want to be smart and successful that you need to have gone to school. It is t...

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...hoose to go to college then we will not do well in life. But on the other hand the movie is telling us that we need to do whatever we want with our knowledge to be happy in life. You do not necessarily need to be making the most money or driving the nicest car, you just need to do whatever is going to make you happy. Will makes the decision to not take the job right away but instead go after his girlfriend in California, because that is what is going to make him the most happy. Society says that you must be pretty smart if you have a Bachelor’s Degree, or a Master’s Degree, but there can be people out there who are smarter than you just because they were not great students in the classroom, but were well educated. This movie really makes you think about the different ways that people can become educated and become a good person in society.

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