Essay on Should School Athletes Be Allowed?

Essay on Should School Athletes Be Allowed?

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“JUST DO IT” is a famous saying for student athletes everywhere, but what if this saying was applied to academics as well? Students love sports,but sometimes sports can affect a student 's academic career. When students have practice after school it takes up valuable time for homework or studying. Grades can diminish greatly during a student 's athletic season. Although people argue that a failing student should be able to participate in sports because it’s good exercise, they should not because grades are important and sports are a distraction.
Making sufficient grades can play a significant role in a young adult 's life. Knowledge is power. Like my nana always said “The more you know, the more you grow.” Learning as a young adult can turn a teen into a well-rounded member of society. Is not the sole purpose of school to educate young minds? Giving the incentive of sports for passing grades can make everything from test scores to participation in notes go up. Kids and teens doing well in academics early in life have lots of doors open up for them. The opportunities for a smart st...

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