Should Religion Be Allowed And How Much Of An Effect It Can Have On Our Governments

Should Religion Be Allowed And How Much Of An Effect It Can Have On Our Governments

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More than ever before, religion seems to be the topic of many debates and discussions worldwide. We argue where religion should be allowed and how much of an effect it can have on our governments. I believe that these arguments are the wrong ones. The discussion we should be having, is, do we really have religion if we base everything we know on what our parents believed and not what we discovered on our own. So many people claim to have religion, but what does it really mean anything if you only have religion because our parents told you to.

I was raised on religion. I have been to the Community Church in Fond du Lac Wisconsin since I was a baby. I got my first bible at 5 and prayed every night before bed.

We would pray before meals and the use of the word God for anything but praise was forbidden.

My parents, Mike and Carole Knuppel, were also raised on religion. They tell stories of all their parents being ushers at the church and praising god with everything they do. The bond between my Grandparents and God was strong and unbroken. The relationship between my Mom and god is strong and unbroken. My dad’s relationship with god however, is there. He has god, but he does not attend church, but he does prays at dinner. From the naked eye you would not see a man with religion, you would just see a hilarious veteran with stories up the yahoo.

Why any of this is relevant to what I am experiencing is the fact that, being raised on religion doesn’t always mean having it. When you don’t experience that bond and have your own spiritual journey you are just doing what you were told. Without questioning what we are told and without understanding and forming our own ideas of god and what he is, we don’t have real religion.

I w...

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...liefs and understand what they mean.

When you take on religion, you take on everything that comes with it. You need to understand the terms and conditions before you sign the contract. To any people are religious because you are told to be. I was one of them.

I have now said that I am not ready to be religious. I don’t understand it yet. But I am searching, I am trying to understand and accept religion. I think the argument that we should be having is, what does it mean to really be religious. If you take God to be your savior, will you really try your hardest to act upon everything that you religion asks you to do. To fully understand religion, we must go on a spiritual journey. A journey on our own, once we are ready. Not a journey influences by our parents, and not just based on what your priest says. Discovering for yourself, what religion means to you.

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