Should Recess For The School Day? Essay

Should Recess For The School Day? Essay

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Should recess be included in the school day? Opponents of recess during the school day say students need more time for academics, school obligations, and extra-curricular activities. They also fear that recess can be unsafe. Some say that Physical Education (PE) is a better replacement. An increase in the need for and the use of technology has also taken away time for recess. However, recess is definitely an integral part of the school day.
Recess is a necessary part of the school day because children, quite simply, need it. It is a time for them take a break from the intensity and stress of the classroom. Elementary age students can only stay fully attentive for an average of 40-50min at a time according to Ramstetter, Murray, and Garner (523). If students are not given any kind of break every so often, they are probably not benefiting very much if at all from the material, even if the subject changes. Giving them time to draw, reading to them or letting them read, just giving them a short five to ten minutes of less strenuous activity of some sort is what will help them to succeed. Recess also provides a needed break time, and the children benefit from it. Children learn vital skills from unstructured play. They develop cognitively, physically, and socially in a way unavailable in the classroom. When given time for self-driven play, children are creative and imaginative. Not only that, but recess keeps them healthy. For many, it may not be a lot of exercise, but it is more than what they get at home. Some children do not have the option or a place to go outside and play at home. That is why they need it at school. Finally, “Play is a key right” for children. “Article 31 of the convention [on the rights of the...

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...Partly because of the exercise, but also because being around the germs and weather builds up their immune systems.
In conclusion, recess has shown to be a necessity in school. If children are given the opportunity to get out and play, they will be better equipped to sit and learn in the class, as well as use knowledge and skills developed at recess to better the classroom experience. Therefore, the time taken for recess will more than make up for the time lost in the classroom. As far as fear, kids are more likely to take risk in a safer environment then a more open one. When kids have what they need to thrive, they have less of a desire to search for it in the wrong places. Making PE the new recess will ultimately diminish the benefits of recess, and vice versa. They are not substitutes. All in all, no one should take away a child’s right and need for play.

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