Essay about Should Rape Victims Be Held Responsible For Their Tragedies?

Essay about Should Rape Victims Be Held Responsible For Their Tragedies?

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Venessa Kiyoko Bento
Professor Shawn Thomson
AP/MODR 1730
Tuesday, August 05, 2014
To what degree should rape victims be held responsible for their tragedies?
The topic of rape has become one of society’s most controversial moral issues due to the endless debate of who should take more responsibility – men or women (offender or victim). Although it seems that men and women are both capable of committing this ugly action, majority of the victims have been women, which turns this social issue into more of a gender inequality debate as opposed to simply a moral conflict. The concept of victim-blaming has become intertwined with rape crimes. According to Maria Romas, senior English major, victim-blaming is an attitude that normalizes, excuses, tolerates, and even condones rape. She argues that taking precautionary measures doesn’t guarantee safety. However, I’d like to argue that victim-blaming not only excuses men for their behaviors and actions, but it also violates the sense of security and confidence by instilling fear and doubts into the victims’ minds. I fundamentally agree with Romas that sex offenders should take full responsibility in rape crimes, and I also agree that women should not have to alter their own behavior in order to lead a safe and secure life. However, I’d like to counter-argue against her claim regarding precautionary measures because taking protective measures can indeed increase the chances of safety. We need to consider the fundamental principles of how to prevent rape instead of how to stop it. Preventing people from raping should be the first priority.
Romas’ ultimate conclusion is that women should not be responsible for their rapes. The reason is because by blaming women for their rapes, it excuses m...

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...on (Gordon and Grubin). Although these triggers shouldn’t excuse them for their actions, it should be something to consider in preventing rape. So with the combination of education, precautionary measures and preliminary prevention, society can help foster safer environments and hopefully end rape culture. In addition, people need to stop assuming that women should be responsible for their rapes because this allows the culture of victim-blaming to live. We need to focus on how to prevent rape from happening so women can avoid being blamed for mens’ animalistic urges and actions.

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